We work hard to encourage change in the way musical entertainment is provided to residential and nursing care homes. Below are several points (in no particular order) which, taken together, we think make us unique.

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page.

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No contract to sign
We strongly believe that there should be total trust between us and our clients. We do not sub-contract other entertainers, and never accept contracts from agencies, so have no need to require clients to sign contracts before we perform. We've seen some of these agency contracts and disagree with the whole tone of them. We prefer to rely on the integrity and friendship we have built up with our clients and audiences over time and nobody has ever let us down.

We never arrive late
Since founding our company we have performed over a 1000 performances and have never been late or simply forgotten to turn up. Several times, when delayed in traffic, we have called ahead to say we might be late but even then have never actually not arrived on time.

No cancellation charges
If a client cancels, for any reason, we will not charge a cancellation fee. We have never charged a cancellation fee and have no plans to do so in the future. We fully understand there are often times when clients have situations where it would be inadvisable or inappropriate for us to be there. Of course we would prefer plenty of notice but we have several clients wanting us more often than we can supply and are waiting to take any of our cancellations. If it is not convenient for those on our waiting list we have been known to simply call a brand new venue and offer a pop-up performance!

We never perform the same set list
We keep a complete record of every song and the date it was performed for every venue and refer to it while planning future performances for that venue. Whilst we will include several songs which have become favourites, there will always be new songs, and maybe some songs people have forgotten, which spark memories. Don’t believe us? Just ask for a list of all the dates and songs we have previously performed at your venue and check it yourself!

You can book us by phone, email or online
We have a secure online presence on this website which enables booking online or we can be called on our contact numbers (which have answering facility), or send an email. We will always get back to you for booking enquiries however you choose to contact us.

We never concentrate on one genre of music
We pride ourselves on not relying on specific set lists based on decades, wars or historical events and we deliver a broad range of music to cover all tastes. In fact, if you want specific Vintage, Victorian, Wartime, Burns Night, St Patricks or similar event entertainment then Cosmic Sparkle is probably not what you’re looking for. We can and do include a few such numbers but not to the exclusion of other well loved or forgotten songs. (Christmas songs are the only exception for performing during the month of December if homes request it)

We take requests for next time we come to you
We are very happy to sing requested songs, either at time of asking if we know it, or we will have the requested songs ready for next time we come, providing we can source a suitable quality backing track.

We send automated reminders 3 days before arrival
Our booking system automatically sends reminders of upcoming bookings three days prior to our arrival. These are sent to designated email addresses and can also be sent via SMS (txt).

We're totally self-contained (no tables/seat required)
All our equipment, including seating for the sound engineer, is on a special trolley which is also used as the sound desk. If doorways and passageways at the venue can handle wheelchairs then our trolley can negotiate it.

We are a Company registered in England & Wales 09679448
We are a limited company operating from Winchester, Hampshire with our Registered Address located in Havant, Hampshire.

Cosmic Sparkle wears a different dress for every performance
Cosmic Sparkle has a huge wardrobe of dresses, skirts and tops. She records what was worn previously so will rarely, if ever, wear the same clothes to your venue in an 18 month period.

Multiple PA systems to cater from small venues to large auditoriums
We have a huge amount of musical equipment. It would be far too much to list in detail, but briefly:
7 x Mixing desks
1 x 1500 watt Power amp & 2 x 600 watt speakers
8 x Powered Speakers & 3 x Monitors & 2 x Base bins
1 x 600 watt Speaker array & 1 x 2000 watt speaker array
(Total output well in excess of 14,000 watt RMS)
5 x keyboards
2 x wireless & 4 x wired Microphones
1 x Reactive Stage Curtain & 1 x Reactive Mixing desk curtain
1 x 4 array Stage Light & 1 x RGB Laser
1 x Haze machine & 1 x DMX controller

We value clients' privacy so never publish images of our audiences
We do not publish any images of our audiences as we believe everyone should be entitled to dignity and privacy regardless of their capacity to give consent. We often entertain in homes where MCA 2005 applies. Principle 4 of The Mental Capacity Act of 2005 states "Anything done for or on behalf of a person who lacks mental capacity must be done in their best interests." The fact that any care home might have written consent to publish does not automatically give us a legal authority to publish, so we don't!

We make every effort to conform to GDPR of 2016
We take our responsibilities with personal information very seriously. We believe it is vital to protect the data privacy of visitors to our website so have enabled a secure sockets layer (SSL) to enable encrypted flow of data to and from our Website to a visitor's web browser and our Privacy Policy is available from the Home Page of our Website and contains a link to any future updates or amendments. We do not use any kind of analytics to monitor or record website visitors, and we do not enable cookies. Our office computers also utilise encrypted hard drives & storage.

Encouraging change