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* Please see important update to COVID-19 information at bottom of this page *

I am Robyn, a professional vocalist based in Winchester, Hampshire and use the stage name of Cosmic Sparkle® which is a registered trademark of our Company. I am supported by my husband Mike, who is my driver and sound engineer and we entertain exclusively in Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Clubs that specifically host visually impaired, retired or senior citizens.

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Our aim is to connect with our audience, igniting music memories, singing along, dancing or just enjoying the rhythm and movement and we have a vast repetoire of over 2000 songs from Vintage, Country & Western, Swing, Jazz, Reggae, Ska, Broadway Shows, Rock & Roll, Pop, Singalongs and so much more. We also love to introduce forgotten songs to our audiences.

Together we present a show of top quality sound, a huge variety of songs and a whole lot of enjoyment and we increasingly use bespoke backing tracks, created by real musicians and specifically licensed for performances by us.

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Our show is all about embracing the diversity of our audience, venue staff and visitors so that everyone can be involved and feel uplifted. I wear a different dress for each performance, usually with lots of petticoats and a sprinkling of glamour. This visual extravaganza encourages conversations and shared experiences with our audience.

We also have enhanced DBS certification, £10,000,000 Public & Performer Liability Insurance and fully PAT tested mains powered equipment for those rare occasions we need powerful sound re-inforcement as our regular equipment is now battery/self-contained.

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COVID-19 INFORMATION (Updated 17th November 2022)

Important COVID Update:

As we visit many premises with vulnerable residents we feel that we require a thorough Covid testing routine for the sake of all our audiences at venues we visit so we undertake DAILY LATERAL FLOW TESTS and will continue to do so for the forseeable future and will offer evidence of such testing on our arrival.

This especially important as many recent strains of the virus are often without initial symptoms.

We operate as a professional entertainment company compliant with current Covid-19 guidelines and will also erect a screen where required by the venue.

Please be aware that Robyn is a high energy vocalist who contracted COVID at end of Jan 2021 and was put into an induced coma on a Ventilator for several days. It took several months of hard work to fully recover her singing voice to full power and she has struggled since that recovery to comply with various Care Home requirements regarding the continued wearing of face masks whilst singing. She has reached the decision that she is unable to continue to sing wearing a face mask because it causes breathing difficulties whilst vocalising and also as it causes unpleasant reminders of her COVID illness. She will, of course, continue to wear a face mask whilst moving through Care Homes but during her performance she will no longer wear a mask.

Robyn is "double-booster jabbed" and Mike is "triple-booster jabbed" and we carry our Covid Passes (also known as Covid Passports) at all times. Relevant proof is available for inspection before any event. All our tests are registered on our personal records on the NHS website